Seven Things We Learned From Kanye West's "Mercy"

Possibly with some sort of Easter pun (or death-rebirth metaphor) in mind, Kanye West relaunched his G.O.O.D. Music Fridays today, on Good Friday. "Mercy" is the first offering, a spooky sounding track produced by Lifted and featuring Pusha T, Big Sean and 2 Chainz. Here's Hive's breakdown of the track's essential elements.

1. "Mercy" might have originally been conceived with a pill-poppin' theme in mind, with both 'Ye and Pusha referencing pharmaceuticals, the former plumping for the trendy molly and the Clipse man dropping some Ms. Pac-Man quips. ('Ye's reference to Mary being "off that molly" might also explain Ms. Blige's recent chicken ad gaff.)

2. Big Sean, who kicks off the track, still raps like he's Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation. He also really needs some "shade and a vacay," bless him.

3. Despite all his gajillions, Kanye is not averse to slumming it, as he raps, "Don't sell me the apartment, I move into the lobby." He's clearly not thought through the communal bathroom issues on this one.

4. Like "Theraflu," which dropped earlier this week, the vibe of the song leans towards the menacing. Is 'Ye about to enter another dark and depressing period of his life? Oh, the artistic intrigue!

5. Kanye still excels at hogging the spotlight, this time rapping over a Watch the Throne-esque breakdown on the beat. His hip-house revival album beckons.

6. Rival record labels take note: For a mere $50 million and some change you can lure Kanye West away from the Def Jam umbrella!

7. 2 Chainz continues his year of being the guest rapper to go to. But he fails to do anything memorable, despite owning the coveted closing spot on the posse cut. This type of failure is something he has excelled at. [Listen to "Mercy" at]