YouTube Lets You Watch More Music Videos in 3D

[caption id="attachment_32986" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Image courtesy of Flickr, Matt Neale"][/caption]Interactive music videos are all the rage nowadays -- with offerings from the likes of Tanlines, Chairlift, Das Racist and more making their way to the web monthly. Now, it seems, users will be able to render any music video interactive -- or 3D at least -- via YouTube.

In September, YouTube introduced a new feature that allows content creators to convert their 2D videos to 3D with a simple click (YouTube has featured 3D videos for a while, but it was a pretty laborious process to make them). YouTube claims "hundreds of thousands" of vids have gone tri-dimensional since then, and we've seen a few musicians taking advantage of this new tool, including Chris Bathgate in the creepy yet lovely video for his equally creepy but lovely song, "Big Ghost."

Now, viewers can watch videos in 3D whether the artist has clicked the 3D option or not. (You'll need 3D glasses, though, so perhaps hit up a showing of Titanic and "forget" to return the specs when you leave.) Simply click on the gear icon under the video to surface the 3D option and prepare to be (kind of) blown away.

Before you go gamboling off to YouTube, super stoked to experience all of your favorite vids in futuristic 3D, there's a catch: The user has to have uploaded their video in 1080p (a.k.a. high definition) in order for you to render their work even more trippy. A quick cruise through some vids quickly reveals that not that many videos are uploaded in that format (it takes a really long time), so it seems content creators still have some agency after all.