Big Freedia Working on a 'Booty Battle' Game For PS3 or Wii

[caption id="attachment_32803" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Image courtesy of The Big Freedia Booty Battle"][/caption]This week, Big Freedia, Queen Diva of Bounce music, joined the illustrious ranks of "musicians with a video games" with the release of her HTML5 offering, The Big Freedia Booty Battle. Now, it seems, the Queen is looking to spread her message of perpetual ass-shaking to a wider audience -- namely the gamer set -- via a PS3 or Wii version of Battle.

"I'm always playing a game. My boyfriend, he loves the PlayStation -- I have to literally fight him to get on that," Freedia says, explaining why she created a game in the first place. She's a huge fan of fighting games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter as well as games featuring super heroes and villains (not so much the sports games).

The initial iteration of Booty Battle seems mostly a promotional tool: players are challenged to use the arrow keys to control the ass-undulating speed of their chosen avatars whilst a Big Freedia jam plays. If they beat the other dancer, they will receive a download of a Freedia song. High scores can also be shared via social media.

According to Freedia, she had a pretty big hand in directing the creation of the game -- right down to the size of the avatar's asses. As for winning, she really only has one piece of advice: "Just work those fingers even harder like you need to work your butt and that score will go up even higher."

Freedia also frequently hosts live-action booty battles on tour (the next of which kicks off today), and hopes to incorporate the game into the live show from now on -- projecting it behind the stage during battles. "It's going to be even more interesting now that we have the song that goes with the game when we do it live in concert," she says.

No word yet on when we can expect Booty Battle on our gaming devices, but here's hoping that the next version will incorporate Freedia's much-loved super heroes. When asked what her ideal super hero would be, she responds, "It would probably be a super hero that used their ass for power. That would be my super hero -- just a big old butt."