Clipse and the Doors, Together at Last

[caption id="attachment_31893" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Clipse performs in 2006. Photo: Rogery Kisby/Getty Images. Jim Morrison Photo couresty of CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images"]Clipse and Jim Morrison[/caption]

Ever find yourself wondering what sort of magic Kanye West's favorite coke rappers the Clipse and Jim Morrison's band the Doors would have come up with in the studio together? Wonder no more, music fantasist, as New York producer Frankie P has stitched together a ten-track project that pairs Malice and Pusha's vicious raps with new beats sampled from music by the Doors. It's pun-tastically titled Keys Open Doors, and it's available to grab as a free download.

According to Frankie P, he completed the project in a one-week period of productivity back in 2010 after his cohort Christopher B suggested the idea to him. "They both have cult followings and are almost like the bad boys of the music game," Frankie told Hive via email. "The marriage of their music felt like it was supposed to happen. Once I was told the idea, I heard the music all in my head before I even sat down to produce it."

Frankie P's finished blends work best when they juxtapose the tone of the original song and lyrics with the style of the new beats. So "Latino Chrome/Wamp Wamp" transforms the claustrophobic menace of the original into, as Frankie puts it, a track that "... feels like you're sipping on a drink on Venice Beach." Likewise, Clipse's perky "Ma I Don't Love Her" benefits from a dusky, rolling production make-over based around "People Are Strange." Pressed for his own favorite though, Frankie cites the Kanye West co-starring "Kinda Like a Big Deal": "I know [Kanye] is a huge Jim Morrison fan -- you can tell by his energy on the stage and the fact that he sampled "Five To One" on Jay-Z's "Takeover." If you listen close, you'll hear Jim ad-libbing in the background."

As for the all important question of how the brothers Thornton and the Doors would have got down together in the studio? "It would sound epic!" speculates Frankie. "Jim is an icon and Pusha and Malice are living legends -- they would have made stadium anthems!"

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