SBTRKT Seeking Odd Future Collaboration, Working With Big Boi

[caption id="attachment_31821" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Photo courtesy of Beggars Group"]SBTRKT[/caption]

Since the release of his self-titled debut last June, London-based musician SBTRKT has been trying to keep up with a non-stop touring schedule. "We are touring through October, so there isn’t a huge amount of down time to collaborate," he tells Hive. Nevertheless, we can still expect new stuff to pop up over the year, with a proper new album coming early 2013. “I think maybe early next year is the earliest [for an album]," he says. "I’d like to put out an EP in autumn and I definitely have more ideas to put out more instrumentals in the interim. There are definitely lots of tracks I’ve been doing in much more of the club vein or dancefloor thing, than necessarily an album kind of structure, for sure.”

Besides working on solo material, some interesting hip-hop collaborations are in the works. On March 12th, SBTRKT tweeted a picture of an Outkast record from Stankonia studios in Atlanta, writing only that he was "collab planning." "I think the initial premise is that Big Boi wants to do some collaboration, so we'll see that happens," he says, explaining the Tweet to Hive. "We were exchanging, listening to his new material and playing ideas I was working on, and seeing where something could go." Besides Big Boi, he's also hoping to work with Odd Future. "Stuff that is slightly outside of what I’ve been creating as well as those guys," he says. "That whole collaborative thing where I think the freshest ideas come."

Despite all his success and aspiration to get some out-of-the-box collaborations done this year, don’t expect a Calvin Harris-type radio smash anytime soon. "The way I see it, I have no qualms about things becoming bigger pop records. I've had lots of collaboration requests from bigger artists and stuff but none of them fit where I want to head," he explains. "The other thing is, how I create or how I write is very much done in my living room, in that environment. I would never suddenly want to go into a big studio."

Catch SBTRKT's Live in NYC concert stream at 10pm Tuesday, April 3rd and watch his brand new video for “Hold On" below: