Damon Albarn Shares a Melancholy 'Dr Dee' Song

Blur/Gorillaz mastermind Damon Albarn isn't known for his solo work, but that's changing this spring when he releases a rock opera album of sorts called Dr Dee, based on the life of sixteenth-century intellectual John Dee. He was a scientific adviser to Queen Elizabeth I before he fell into a life of poverty and isolation. Which of course screams, "rock-opera treatment, now!" Albarn's creation has already hit the stage, so the music's no big secret. But Albarn shared the first studio song from Dr Dee, a melancholy ballad of sorts called "The Marvelous Dream." If this song is any indication, we bet that this rock opera won't really rock in the classic sense of the word, but hey, that's why he has Blur to reunite with every so often.