Best Coast Drops Road-Trip Ready Single "The Only Place"

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Best Coast's first album, Crazy For You, was a soundtrack for romance-induced malaise -- a record for drawing the shades, lying on one's bed in oversized headphones and lots of eye makeup (perfect for running down your hot cheeks as you cry and cry and cry) and puffing on some less than legal substances. The first eponymous single off of Bethany Cosentino and Co's new album The Only Place, however, is all about sunshine and sea air and her home state of California.

Still very much a "Best Coast song," producer Jon Brion's influence is clear from the first chords of "The Only Place," ushering in a much more lush, jangly tune than those on Best Coast's debut disk. A jam about "leaving your coat behind" and "making it to the beach on time," the single screams, "Rent a car, plan a roadtrip and play me all the way to the coast!" Or, you know, "Include me in an ad campaign for Cosentino's new Urban Outfitters line."

For those among you who were counting on Cosentino for some "crying in the dark jams," never fear, judging from the below tracklisting, The Only Place has some shade as well as sun. The record drops on May 15 via Mexican Summer and the single comes out on May 7.

Here is the track list for The Only Place. Stream the title track below.

1.The Only Place

2. Why I Cry

3. Last Year

4. My Life

5. No One Like You

6. How They Want Me To Be

7. Better Girl

8. Do You Love Me Like You Used To

9. Dreaming My Life Away

10. Let's Go Home

11. Up All Night