Rage in Your Cube With AtariTinyRiot

[caption id="attachment_31348" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Image courtesy of Flickr, Ted Van Pelt"][/caption]There really aren't that many experiences as cathartic as moshing -- slamming your twitching body playfully (we hope) against your music-loving brethren, letting all the frustrations of your workaday life wash away with the copious amounts of sweat pouring down your forehead. Sadly, there is a time and a place for moshing, and there's usually not a pit on hand when you need it the most (just crouch under your desk and breathe). Luckily -- at the risk of pulling out that old cliche -- there's an app for that.

Evolver.fm recently alerted us to the existence of iOS app AtariTinyRiot, which this reporter just busted out at her desk, shaking her flashing phone with contained abandon and garnering some quizzical looks from passing co-workers.

The app's purpose is pretty simple: Turn it on and start shaking your iPhone (headphones recommended). The movement will cause your camera's flash to strobe all over the place, and, as you shake, an Atari Teenage Riot song will start playing. Stop shaking, and the song with cease as well. Shake faster, and the tune will chug along. Users can also turn on their phone's video camera to record a shareable (on Facebook or Twitter) movie of their little breakdown, as well as check out the breakdowns of others via an in-app social feed.

The app is apparently an updated version of a previous offering called TinyRiot, which was created by a cadre of Japanese developers after last year's tsunami. The description explains the app thusly: "After a traumatic experience our lives tend to go back to normal. Well, they're not. Release. Grab your iPhone, hold it tight and shake your fist! As you shake guitars jam, people scream and you will explode with motion."

We're not sure whether Atari Teenage Riot is officially connected to the app; we've reached out to their camp for confirmation. Either way, it's definitely worth a download -- especially if your spine is cracking under life's load and you need to dance.