Reviewing Odd Future's 'Loiter Squad' With GIFs

[caption id="attachment_31319" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Odd Future performs in San Francisco, Calif., July 2011. Photo: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images"]Odd Future In Concert - San Francisco, CA[/caption]

Last night was the premiere of Odd Future's Adult Swim sketch series Loiter Squad which is essentially a version of Jackass done by Odd Future (and, really, itmakes sense as they're under the same production company). The show's a paint-by-numbers version of its influences: Less violent, less bizarre, and not nearly as funny. But they still drop N-bombs, so, there's that.

The main takeaway you get from watching the merry pranksters of Odd Future is "Thank God it's only 15 minutes ... for all parties involved." That's not to say it was all terrible. A few sketches exhibited comedic potential, but several were just lousy -- probably fun as hell to create but they made for some nearly unwatchable shit.

Here's our GIF breakdown to show you exactly what you missed.

Tyler Eating a Banana

After a bare bones, totally infectious blippy theme song ("I like cheese, I like cheese, ahhh laaahk cheese!"), the show started with a context-free close-up of Tyler eating a banana, as well as the crystal clear audio of those gross banana-chewing smacking sounds (straight out of the Tim and Eric playbook).

The first real sketch was "Backyard Gator Wrestling" featuring footage of real gators eating fake people spliced with real people fighting fake gators. Not even worthy of a GIF. NEXT PLEASE.

Loiter Squad Banana


Sad Tyler Plays Emo

Next, Tyler played emo kid "Patrick" and sang an emo song with the refrain "dark, dark, dark." Could be really funny if they flesh it out a bit (cue OFWGKTA giggles because he said "flesh").

Loiter Squad Emo


Jasper Dolphin is an Armless Dentist

Jasper Dolphin played an armless dentist. See, it's kooky, because he has to use his FEET to do the dentist-ing! Totally wackadoo! Look, when Saturday Night Live characters break, it's funny because it's live. When rap dudes break on their pre-taped show, not so much.

Loiter Squad Dentist

Tyler, the Frog Dancer

A fairly straightforward sketch with the OFWGKTA guys walking behind unsuspecting people with absurd/inappropriate thought bubbles was entertaining enough, but then it devolved (evolved?) into the truly bizarre -- Tyler stripped down to his skivvies and danced with a frogman as a crazy gypsy lady watched. Highlight of the episode, sadly.

Loiter Squad Frog Dance