The Barr Brothers Enlist Tourists to Shoot Video at Grand Canyon

What's the first thing that you think of when the words "The Grand Canyon" come to mind? Sweeping vistas? The silent roar of nature's majesty? Legions of tourists gawking slack-jawed at the view? Well, a new video from Montreal band The Barr Brothers combines all of those things, enlisting the aforementioned tourists as cameramen and women and the view as visuals for their song, "Beggar In The Morning."

According to Brad Barr, while on tour last fall the band played a show at the Apple Store in New York City and were gifted a passel of free iPods. Later on, they were driving by the Grand Canyon and decided to stop and film a video at the landmark. "I think I just personally wanted to see the harp at the edge of the Grand Canyon," Barr says. "I was really curious what the acoustics would be like up there, too. We thought it would be a fun thing to shoot and probably a cool visual experience."

The band decided to use the iPods to film the performance and commenced setting them up -- placing the Apple devices on rocks, hanging them in trees. Soon, however, a group of curious tourists offered to play film crew, and the band played a five-song set at the edge of the canyon for their impromptu audience. The iPods were then collected and the footage edited into the video above.

"There were a couple of bikers who hung out," Barrs when asked to describe their audience. "A man and a women in full leather who as we were playing had their eyes closed. The camaraderie between rock 'n' roll and biker gangs -- I think those two things historically have gone hand-in-hand. Our old band played a biker bar up in Washington State and we did an old AC/DC song and a guy came up and did something with his leather jacket and a candle. When he finished, he said that's what they do for a biker's funeral."

No biker funerals were executed during the making of this video, however. "I closed my eyes and opened them again and they were gone," Barr says of his leather-clad fans.

Image courtesy of Facebook, Andre Guerette