Find the Perfect Playlist for Every Mundane Task

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Let's say it's, oh, Wednesday afternoon. A Wednesday afternoon that precedes a Tuesday night during which you drank coffee for the first time in weeks. Let's say that, consequently, your eyes are unable to focus. A "pump-up" playlist of some sort would be palatable at this juncture, would it not? Sadly, you don't even have the wherewithal to fire up Spotify (or your music source of choice) and cast about for something to listen to. Well, before you lay your head down on your desk and weep salty tears of fatigue, check out playlist-making application Songza's newest feature, Concierge.

For those not in the know, Songza is a free streaming music app for iOS, Kindle Fire and Android that focuses on playlist creation and curation, rather than straight-up on-demand music listening (like Spotify) or the passive listen-to-this-because-you-like-that experience of Pandora.

Concierge, which recently rolled out on Songza's web product, is Songza's latest innovation for iOS. It works thusly: Upon opening the app, Concierge ascertains what day and time it is and offers up a variety of activities that you could be undertaking at that time. For example, "It's Wednesday afternoon. Play music for": 1). Work or Study (no lyrics), 2). Work or Study (with lyrics), 3). An Energy Boost, 4). Epic Walking, 5). Exploring Obscure Sounds, 6). Popular Games. Being bleary-eyed and irked, you choose "An Energy Boost." From there, it drills down to even more options, giving you a list of genres to choose from. You choose "Rowdy Rock," and the app spits out three playlists in that genre. Voila! Instant pick-me-up.

Granted, Concierge isn't the first service to attempt to fit tunes to mood (a dicey prospect most of the time), and the songs it picks might not be for you (Concierage and I have very different ideas of what constitutes "pop punk"), but it is a pretty quick and easy way to access curated music. Especially if you're just too tired to seek it out yourself. That reminds me: Time for a quick desk nap -- sans salty tears of fatigue.