Tanlines Get Old People to Dance in "All of Me" Video

Listening to Tanlines' debut album Mixed Emotions, it's clear that their bouncy-synth pop is made for some form of dancing, even if you don't know how. In their latest video, Tanlines teams up with the Mighty Boosh's Julian Barratt, who makes his directorial debut here. "I'm always trying to do anything between comedy and horror," Barratt says in a statement. "Because you have such a strong flavor with Tanlines' music, it's quite fun to offset that with bleak imagery." To create that feeling, Barratt rounds up a host of older folks, sits them down to watch a VHS tape of Tanlines performing, which naturally, inspires them to shake their bodies in a twitchy, awkward fit. Watch, but don't feel obligated to imitate them.

Mixed Emotions is out now on True Panther Sounds.