The Best and Worst of the SXSW Missed Connections

[caption id="attachment_30447" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Free Cookies Guy Scott Alexander"]Free Cookies[/caption]

SXSW 2012 may have come to a close, but that doesn't mean the memory has faded. No, for some folks it wasn't all about corporoate sponsored energy drink parties and seeing bands all day and night. It was about finding true love. Or friendship. Or just a creepy back rub. At any rate, after carefully perusing the Austin Craigslist Missed Connections page, here's the best and most ambitious folks looking to get back in touch.

The kind of person you want to bring home to your folks:

"During the Madeon set at Hype leaned on me a bit and felt up my back with your hands. It was really, really hot. And I couldn't turn around and break the moment..." Yeah, why ruin the moment your mind has created, when reality's version says the person rubbing your back was probably a giant cross-dressing hooker?

Looks like we found your dream date, guys looking for a gal with Hep C!:

"You warned me against the dangers of walking barefoot on the street...I blame my high blood alcohol content and lack of coordination / footwear on not catching up with you and chatting some more."

Who says people who smoke themselves catatonic have no drive (beyond the drive to smoke themselves catatonic)?

"You told me I should probably stay still then when I told you I was too stoned to move lol if you're in town for sxsw we should hang out when I'm a bit better off :)"

Portlandia sketch or real life?

"I was handing out lomography fliers near the convention center...You were in line and knew what the hell lomography was!...You spent some time in Chile studying marketing and advertising, and your big class project was for lomography."

 LBJ library, the real place where players play:

"I was impressed that you came to the presidential library alone, and during SXSW...You clearly are a man of great taste, as one could deduce from your choice of places to be photographed...[Lady Bird is] my second favorite first lady. Hopefully you find this, and we can talk more about first ladies, or other presidential libraries."

Seeking that guy with the skinny jeans:

"u were wearing a black tshirt and dark skinny jeans. hmu."

Pickles, nature's aphrodisiac:

"To the cutest blonde Sony girl with the tablet: Would you like more pickles for you to sneak into your mouth...or MORE? I have them!"

Popcorn, nature's other aphrodisiac:

"You were standing there with your friend, briefly eating some free popcorn...I was waiting to get inside to see Alabama Shakes...Send me your photo so I know it's you?"

Meeting people with cookies is easy:

"I've been all over the country hanging out on inflatable sofa's [SIC] giving out homemade (vegan) cookies and talking to strangers. Why? Because I want to be popular and I really like attention."

Parents: ruining flirt time with coaster salesmen since, uh, FOREVER.

"You sold my parents some coasters and held them for us until we got back from Moonshine...really wanted to talk to you more but kinda odd with my mom and dad hovering!"

Did you see my purse?

"You were awesome enough to go get your car and drive us to my house...We jumped out of your car and realized my purse was still in it. My friend tried to chase you down but to no avail. I have to get my purse back the only problem is that I have no idea who you are."

I think I met you at that Slip-n-Slide party:

"To the cute girl in the beige shirt, short cut hair, nice boobs. ALISE? ELISE? ANISE? It's all a little blurry but you were at the slip n slide party earlier in the week. I still have your green jacket."