A$AP Rocky Tried to Sign Azealia Banks, Open to Collaboration

A$AP Rocky in New York City, October 2011. Photo: Roger Kisby/Getty Images

Even though A$AP Rocky couldn’t name all of the producers he’s working with on his upcoming full-length Long Live A$AP (and not, the MC stresses, A$AP Forever Part 1: Blood) he’s still taking the recording seriously. “I’m working with A$AP Ty Beats, Clams Casino, Spaceghostpurrp, Beautiful Luke*, Araabmuzik,” he told Hive backstage at the MTVu Woodies Festival today. “There’s other people — just give me a minute, I’m pretty stoned.”

But not so stoned that he wasn’t willing to explain his personal history with a potential collaborator we’d love to see — Azealia Banks. “We know her,” he says. “We grew up with her. There’s a member of my group, his name is A$AP AV — that’s his ex. I wouldn’t mind working with her. I tried to sign her, but unfortunately, she’s too hot.”

The pretty-stoned rapper also mentioned an interest in branching out from music before long. Not necessarily with a sneaker or clothing line — “I’m not really a fashion designer, but I’m into fashion,” he says — but with collaborations in other media. “I plan to collaborate with a lot of fashion designers on a few projects. Movies, I do all my videos, videography …” We can’t wait to learn more when he sobers up. Or if he does.

Watch A$AP Rocky’s video for “Peso” below:


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