The Spinto Band's "Take It" Video is a Total Win

The Video: Featuring the best "win faces" off the playground, we haven't seen an indie music video with kids this cute since those face-painted tots overtook their classroom with a conga line in tUnE-YarDs' "Bizness." It's hard not to crack a smile during this heated series of board games with four elementary school kids that ends with an unlikely triumph, a messy house, and a meta twist.

The Director: The video was filmed by Eric Notarnicola and Daniel Gray Longino, who work as editors for Tim & Eric, and, perhaps, have trouble separating their day jobs from their night work. They also might take board games a little too seriously. "I used to play them all the time with my best friend growing up," Notarnicola told Hive. "We would argue about the rules and we were sore players. Dan actually makes all of those faces when he wins -- and he wins a lot. It's the worst."

The Song: "Take It" has has all of the twists and turns of its visual counterpart, with a swelling bass line, clarinet riffs, pedal steel guitar beats, and lackadaisical vocals that grow into a plea as the song bounces along. "["Take It"] has this great lazy yet tense quality that makes it the perfect soundtrack for playing games with ‘friends'," Notarnicola said. It's the first single from the Spinto Band's Shy Pursuit LP, due out May 1.

Of note: Notarnicola and Gray shot all of the kids' expressions at 120 frames per second so each moment in the video only lasted for a few seconds in real-time.

Wilmington, Deleware's the Spinto Band were among one of the first wave of blog-rock bands in the mid-'00s and their upcoming album, Shy Pursuit, marks their first full-length since 2008's Moonwink. You might remember the band from their standout "Oh Mandy," which they performed for the very first installment of filmmaker Vincent Moon's Take-Away Show. If "Take It" is any indication, the Spinto Band are still churning out albums of danceable melodies with quirky hooks. One thing is certain though: You haven't had this much fun watching a sore loser since you sunk your best friend's destroyer in Battleship.

Shy Pursuit is out May 1. Check out the band's SXSW dates at their website.