Couch-Bound Bands Rejoice! There's a Fest For You!

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Musicians: Do you suffer from stage fright? Does the thought of performing in front of a sea of half-dazed and confused festival-goers crammed to the gills with BBQ make you queasy? Do you aspire to be the Nero Wolfe of bands, conducting your business from the comfort of your own easy chair? Well, you should probably consider getting your Howard Hughsian self involved in Couch By Couchwest.

Couch By Couchwest is an online SXSW alternative for those too broke/lazy/scared to attend the annual Texan music fest. From March 11-18, musicians are encouraged to send in performances recorded anywhere but a stage (couch preferable), which will then be shared on a special, dedicated site. Viewers, in turn, are asked to send in snaps from the best seat in their house (Hint: It starts with a "c" and ends with an "ouch").

Last year, Neko Case appears to have made appearance, which is cool.

There was also a rather a pretty rad dog, which was a nice go at diversity.

Which would you rather hit up: SXSW or CXCW? Before you answer, click here. Shall we ready your Snuggie, sir?