Hive Five: Rappers That Aren't PETA Friendly

[caption id="attachment_29385" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="DMX with a puppy at a press conference, 2006. Photo: Johnny Nunez/WireImage"]DMX Signs to Sony Urban Music/Columbia Records - Press Conference[/caption]

Attention: Waka Flocka Flame hearts puppies! We know this because the boisterous  Atlanta rapper snuggled up with a puppy this week for an ad campaign for the animal welfare organization PETA. It's cute and virtuous, but some of Waka's fellow hip-hop pals haven't quite been so kind to our four-legged friends. Maybe he's out to set a good example? It would seem so. Here's five rappers who could use a little of Flame's animal compassion.

1. DMX's Decomposed Dogs

DMX loves his dogs -- or so the rapper who's fond of making actual barking noises in his songs would have us believe. However, despite having the name of his first canine, Boomer, tatted on his body, a 2007 raid on the rapper's Phoenix crib revealed that he had decomposed animal remains laying around in a plastic bag. Police seized the 12 pitbulls they found on his property, and DMX was ultimately served with a 90 day sentence as punishment.

2. Tony Yayo's Chinchilla Furs

50 Cent's BFF Tony Yayo is hip-hop's biggest fur coat collector. Showing a preference for sporting overcoats fashioned out of chinchillas, he bragged on "True Loyalty" that "I got so many minks, and so many leathers/ The crib is surrounded by animal protesters." (See also: Cam'ron and his purple furs.)

3. French Montana's Grizzly Bear Head Hat

Lesson one in standing out from a crowd of fellow freshmen rappers: Wear a bear's head as a hat. That's what French Montana did as he appeared on the recent cover of XXL magazine with nine other upcoming rappers. "It's a real bear, out the wilderness," he told RapFix Live, although it's unsure if Montana or Diddy hunted down the unfortunate beast themselves.

4. Kool G Rap's Rottweilers

At his peak, Kool G Rap excelled at rapping fierce, gangsta-styled raps. So it's no surprise that the cover to his Live and Let Die album played into this fearsome persona, with a couple of Narcs about to be hung and fed to two rottweilers. The scenario also involved the dogs being chained up and fed raw meat.

5. Akon's Tiger

A fine friend to many a rapper, Akon owns a white tiger. He calls it Simba. Unfortunately, he appears to keep it in a very small cage -- which has led to somewhat of an online campaign to have the beast freed. The whole thing is reminiscent of Big Boi's turn in that episode of Law & Order where he plays a rapper named Gots Money who, er, gets eaten by some pet hyenas. Sort of.