Jenny Eliscu Gets a Prison Tat From Die Antwoord -- Video

South African rap-rave duo Die Antwoord were in the mood to do things a bit differently when they arrived in New York to begin a tour in support of their new album, Tension, and so was I. After all, Ninja and Yo-Landi had been pushing things to extremes from the moment they entered our collective consciousness in early 2010 with a pair of creepy, darkly funny and unforgettable videos introducing their trademark style, called 'zef.' I first met and interviewed them that summer, backstage at 'Hard Fest,' where Ninja admired a couple of my tattoos and talked about ideas for pieces he wanted to add to his collection of hand-administered ones. So for our recent encounter, we decided that while we talked about Tension, Ninja would give me what's known in South African zef culture as a "chappy." Or as he put it: "Don't need a machine as I will poke u'z by hand."