Birdman: More Cash Money Artists to Work With Limp Bizkit

[caption id="attachment_28418" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Birdman in Atlanta earlier this month. Fred Durst in Los Angeles, October 2011. Photo: Getty Images"]Birdman Fred Durst[/caption]

The first fruits of Limp Bizkit's hook up with Birdman's Cash Money Records will hit the Internet next week when the group's collaboration with Lil Wayne, "Ready To Go," comes out. It's a song that Birdman told Hive reminds him of Limp Bizkit's 2000 team-up with rappers DMX, Method Man and Redman, "Rollin' (Urban Assault Vehicle)." "I have a few favorite Limp Bizkit songs and that one's from way back," he said. "It's produced by Swizz Beats and that's the style we're going for. It's hip-hop meeting rock -- we call it hip-rock."

Limp Bizkit's leader Fred Durst was touting that song title in as early as 2010; a purported demo version of the song is available on YouTube in scuzzy, unmixed form. The collaboration might seem like an odd coupling, but Baby insists that the Cash Money stable has been a fan of Limp Bizkit's music for years, and as soon as Durst reached out to Birdman's brother Slim about signing to the label, "It made all the sense in the world to us."

Whether "Ready To Go" is a fresh collaboration between Limp Bizkit and Wayne, or just something hauled from the vaults, it taps into the label's recent flirtations with the rock world, not least with Weezy's guitar-fest Rebirth. According to Birdman, it's a direction Cash Money wants to move into: "We're definitely going to have Cash Money artists collaborating with Limp Bizkit," Birdman said. "We always do that and it's something we want to continue as we spread the label around the world. It's a rock world we're entering but we want to bring them into the rap world -- that's what we do, that's what we're about."