Spy on Tanlines in the Interactive "Brothers" Video

There's only a month between now and the release of Tanlines' new LP Mixed Emotions, and the Brooklyn synth-pop duo are upping the ante with an interactive video for their single “Brothers.” But don't think you'll break a sweat watching this, as the video is a relaxing foray into what seems like a typical Tanlines jam session. Click on the screen to swivel on a 360-degree pivot, where you can catch lead singer Eric Emm fiddling with his guitar and getting takeout, or percussionist Jesse Cohen casually tapping on some bongos. If bored, take a second to appreciate the subtleties of the room, including a sweet bookshelf-fishtank, screen prints on the wall, and a Seinfield-esque TV standup routine starring the band members themselves. Just don't spin too hard, especially if prone to motion sickness.

Mixed Emotions is out March 20 on True Panther Sounds.