Jack White Tones It Down for 'Love Interruption'

For the first video from Jack White's forthcoming solo album Blunderbuss, "Love Interruption" is quite the subtle affair, but that's not to say it lacks the Jack White punch. Set in a single room and shot in muted colors, the camera pays at least as much attention to his lovely, '60s fashion-bedecked, all-lady backing band as it does to the guitar-strumming troubadour himself. It's a wise decision -- this isn't a Big-Time Rock Song, and the handheld camera and claustrophobic angles emphasize the intimacy at work here. Jack and his accompanying singer Ruby Amanfu (wearing one of the more impressive beehives of the new millennium) crowd the frame as they sing together into a single vintage mic, with suspicious eyes glaring down on them. It’s low-key, for sure, but that's the way the new Jack swings.