Bonnaroo Will Announce Lineup Via Spotify

[caption id="attachment_27075" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Image courtesy of Bonnaroo"]Bonnaroo 2012[/caption]First Myspace, then Vevo and Conan O'Brien, now Spotify -- Bonnaroo sure knows how to hang with the cool kids. Tuesday, the fest plans to reveal its 2012 lineup via the music subscription service.

According to a blog post, Spotify is Bonnaroo's official announcement partner in 2012, and, on Valentine's Day, will post a playlist featuring a song from each of the artists performing at the summer festival.

In 2010, Bonnaroo partnered with Myspace to roll out its lineup info, offering up a bizarre cuckoo clock-like graphic that spit out artist announcements every six minutes or so. Artists also took to their own social media channels to share the news.

In 2011, the fest moved on to buzzy video site Vevo, and used TV-come-social-media-come-TV-again star Conan O'Brien as the festival's official mouthpiece. Vevo also streamed the festival live across all devices and properties.

Now, it seems, Bonnaroo is on to befriending the next music/tech popular kid: Spotify, which finally hit stateside in July and currently boasts 10 million users worldwide and more than 2.5 million paid subscribers.

We'll all just have to tune in tomorrow to see what the lineup will be. Perhaps this move will also garner Spotify more users, curious to unearth the news.