Turn Your Twitter Feed Into a Playlist

[caption id="attachment_27017" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Image courtesy of Monstro"][/caption]

Twitter is a wonderful tool for disseminating news/starting revolutions/telling the world what you ate for lunch, and, of course for sharing your tastes with the rest of the oh-so rapt world. Now, thanks to a new social music player, it's also a pretty handy way to put together a playlist.

Monstro is a new -- if not wholly original, as music services that tap into Twitter are nothing novel -- product that allows you to listen to the music that you and friends tweet. Simply log into Monstro via Twitter and it will pull up a history of all the tunes you ever tweeted (it doesn't matter what service you used to do so). You can then stream all of them via YouTube or Rdio as a consistent playlist.

Naturally, the service is also social. When you log in with Twitter, all the people/brands you follow are also pulled into Monstro, as well as all the tunes they have tweeted. Choose a Twitter user to stream their tunes. You can also listen to a mix of tunes from all the people you follow, and "Tune Out" those Twitter users whose taste you're not feeling. Share newfound favorite jams via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest of Google+.

The service also boasts a list of what songs are trending on Twitter, proclaiming, "Discover breakout hits before they appear on the charts." That claim is a bit of a fallacy, seeing as how the songs trending now include a ton of jams from the recently deceased Whitney Houston, as well as tunes from Grammy winners like Adele. Still, it's an interesting cultural snapshot all the same.