Riff Raff Plotting Full Album With Action Bronson

Riff Raff Action Bronson
Riff Raff and Action Bronson

Dr. Dre may be about to bless a couple of two hirsute white rappers with some of his production magic -- at least according to former reality TV star/Soulja Boy protégé Riff Raff. Following up his recent collaboration with Action Bronson, the dusky Harry Fraud-produced "Bird on a Wire," the duo are plotting a full-length project, with tracks already said to be secured from Diplo, Alchemist and Rusko, plus talks with Grammy-winner Skrillex and potentially Dre. With the buzz/mystery about "Bird on a Wire" building, Hive caught up with Riff Raff to get the low-down on how he hooked up with the be-bearded Bronson, their plans to create "masterpiece work," and the tantalizing prospect of the duo flowing over beats by Dre.

How did the collaboration with Action Bronson come about?

A few months ago we were going back and forth and shit we just kinda, I guess, just knew the same people. He was supposed to come out here [to L.A.] to do an album and we both know Alchemist and we started talking. I knew he had good vocabulary and shit like that, and we started talking about connections and working like that, 'cause we both got exclusive lyrical capabilities and shit like that -- it was a lot of hot vocabulary and technically and detail wise, like verses and word play, we knew it would be really beneficial to put together some masterpiece work.

What was your first impression of Bronson when you met him in person?

I was thinking, shit, this dude just looked like he had his own style and shit like that and his own creativity and his own look. I could see him going far on his own self. So I saw us being able to do some things. Of course, there's going to be negative feedback somewhere along the line, but I thought me and him working would be a powerhouse move.

So is there's going to be an album from you and Bronson?

Yeah, we're working on some tracks now. We're gonna put together something I'm thinking for the summertime.

Is the sound of "Bird on a Wire" representative of the other songs you've done together?

Well that's not even a single -- we've got some more here on the way. That's a great song, I love it, but it goes way higher up -- we gon' get a lot deeper into it and take it a lot more seriously. We started talking and we're still collecting and still growing as artists and we're both more than rappers. I deal with a lot of people and [Bronson's] got that mark of creativity. It's more of my mind, like, if I could get along with you and it's like a whole other level like entrepreneur shit.

So who are some of the producers you've worked with for the project?

Harry Freud, of course, Alchemist, Diplo, Rusko, we're still in talks with Skrillex. Then there's Dillon Francis, from Mad Decent. My manager has a contact with Dr. Dre so if that goes through that could be real crazy right there; some Dr. Dre thing that could be real deep. We're in talks with trying to get involved with Dr. Dre…

Watch the video for "Bird on a Wire" below: