Get Some Valentine's Day Cards With Swag

Valentines Day is right around the corner and for some, the holiday isn't filled with fluffy teddy bears and gooey chocolates. The day is filled with a miserable reminder that people can be cold-hearted and cruel. But don't worry! Hive's got you covered. Now you can churn out a diss like your favorite rapper in Valentine card form. Use wisely ... and often if you have to. Scroll down for a selection or click here for a printable PDF.

Azealia Banks Helps You Serve Some Lunch:

Azealia Banks Valentine

Common's Message For Amateurs:

Common Valentine

Hodgy Beats Knows You Have a Wack Mother:

Hodgy Beats Valentine

Kreayshawn Hates That Barbie Wanna-Be:

Kreayshawn Valentine

Nicki Minaj's Revenge: Urination

Nicki Minaj Valentine

V Nasty's Blunt Approach:

V Nasty Valentine

Illustrations by Dustin Glick.