A Social Network for the Musically Obsessed

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Listening to music can be an obsessive experience, especially when you find that one song that really speaks to your soul. Or, you know, gets you super pumped whilst getting ready for a night out. That song can haunt you -- finding its way into Facebook posts, tweets, your grudging friend's Spotify playlist ("Jeez, Suzie, no one wants to listen to 'Moves Like Jagger' again! Chill!) -- addling your very mind with its oh-so-catchy chorus. Luckily, fellow sufferer of listen-to-on-repeat-itis, there's a social network for you: This Is My Jam.

This Is My Jam -- which just recently came out of private beta -- is a site with a very monomaniacal purpose: To showcase your jams. Sign into the site via Facebook or Twitter (or create a standalone account if you're not down with social media) and search for the song that's currently stuck in your cranium.

I unearthed The Pharmacy's "Dig Your Grave," off of their stellar new EP by the same name (They also have a video for the jam. Can you tell I'm obsessed?). Add a little description of the song to entice other users to listen, and then post it to the site. You can also share it to Facebook and Twitter. The song will remain active for seven days, at which time you'll have to loose your cold, grasping fingers and find another tune.

Being a social network, This Is My Jam isn't a wholly navel-gazing experience; you can also find and follow other users and friends and check out their tunes of choice. "Like" and comment on tunes if you're so inclined to be generous.

In addition to sharing songs and seeing what your friends are into, This Is My Jam could also be a cool way to keep up with what musicians themselves are listening to, especially since the service allows bands to upload their own music. Scrolling through the list of users, there's already a smattering of bands using the site, including Art Brut's Eddie Argos, Javelin, Amanda Palmer and Ducktails (Matt Mondanile from Real Estate) -- and that's just bands that I personally follow on Twitter.

Quit taxing your "rewind" button -- there's an easier way to pledge your allegiance to the jam.