Google Maps Enables Cross-Country Club Hopping

[caption id="attachment_26388" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Photo taken from Google Maps."]Fabric in London.[/caption]

Google Maps is making cross-country club hopping easier than ever, having just released street view accessibility inside of London’s famous Fabric music venue, host of the popular Fabric Live mix series (Four Tet's Fabric mix was one of Hive's favorites of 2011). Those who haven’t the visited the U.K. nightlife staple might picture a mega-club-like mass of steel and cement, but these internal effigies are more intimate than imagined, with brick walls, a hardwood dance floor and warm red and purple lighting. The best part is, if you ever end up getting lost in the sea of people, you could theoretically use Google Maps to navigate yourself back to the front door (and back to your hotel).

This isn’t the first time the Google Maps API has had a musical crossover moment. The Rap Map, for example, is a super-well curated list of interesting locations in the hip-hop world, from recording studios, song references and recording studios. The good folks at the Grammy’s created the Music is Life is Music app this year, a way to drop songs on locations you associate them with, also incorporating social media influencers Twitter, Rdio, and Foursquare. Global Billboard is a mashup of the Google Maps and API’s, making top artists and tracks browseable by country. Ever wonder who was the top played artist in Gibraltar? You guessed it, Lana Del Rey. [Via Fact Mag]