Make Meme History On Grammy Night

[caption id="attachment_26401" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Image courtesy of Tumblr, Who Is Arcade Fire?"][/caption]Every large-scale event has its memorable, meme-worthy moments -- M.I.A.'s Super Bowl bird-flippage being the most timely example. Usually, however, you have to wait until the next day for those moments to start circulating in earnest on Ye Olde Internets. Not so with this year's Grammy Awards. Everyone's favorite site for gazing at adorable photos of cats, I Can Haz Cheezburger, aims to make meme history in 2012 by launching their very first "Live LOLing Event."

Last year, the most popular meme out of the Grammys was undoubtedly related to Arcade Fire. After the band won “Album of the Year," the web exploded with protestations and cries of "Who Is Arcade Fire?" Or, worse, "Who Are Suburbs?" Even Rosie O'Donnell was stumped. The result? A hilarious blog mocking the confusion of the incensed public.

This year, the Grammys seem potentially ripe with meme-y moments: 1). Skrillex was nominated for "Best New Artist" (dubstep jokes abound), 2). Bon Iver -- although featured in every Grammy ad in the land -- has a history of ragging on the awards show, and, recently, said "fuck you a little bit" to the Grammys when asked to perform at the show. When he was first nominated, we foresaw a resurgence of the "Who Is...?" meme, now, however, Justin Vernon's potential acceptance speech could be far more interesting than the befuddlement of the masses. And Cheezburger stands at the ready to document it all.

During the 54th annual Grammy Awards on February 12, I Can Haz Cheezburger will start rolling out a live feed of snaps from the red carpet and awards show featuring appropriately snarky captions on its ROFLrazzi site. Users can then hit the "recaption this" button to add their own spin on the situation, and share that deep, meaningful cultural criticism with the rest of humanity (IE, their social networks).

Start taking calcium supplements for those funny bones, kids, it's going to be an interesting night.