Weird Vibes Episode 7: Buzzline

Make this Valentine's Day one to remember ... with our Weird Vibes special Valentine's episode! Our esteemed panel of indie musicians are at your service, taking your love, sex, and relationship questions on the Weird Vibes Buzzline! Elizabeth Harper of Class Actress answers your calls, along with Adam Green, Dustin and Cole of Beach Fossils and Erika Spring of Au Revoir Simone. Together they dispense sage advice on viewer's concerns, such as how to meet girls in bands, alternative pick-up lines, what to do if you have a crush on a band (i.e. Smith Westerns) and they think you're a loser, what it might mean if your guy can't keep it up and other romantic issues.

Plus there are lots of great music videos from the likes of Shabazz Palaces, Adam Green, Class Actress, and Mux Mool, and live performance from Neon Indian from their session with as well as Javelin's Dublab VisionVersion session.

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