Curren$y Inspired By 'Cat's Eye,' Records New EP

[caption id="attachment_25936" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Photo courtesy of Curren$y Facebook"]Curren$y[/caption]

Perhaps one of the most understated releases from a superbly understated rapper, Curren$y fired off a casual tweet a half hour into yesterday’s Super Bowl with a download link to his new EP Here. Tracing his Twitter feed back only hours earlier, it seems Curren$y came under a sudden spell of inspiration after staying up until 5am watching Cat's Eye on Encore, a rare suspense movie written by Stephen King himself.

For those familiar with the cannon of Curen$y, Here falls unsurprisingly right into place, with blunted jazz beats and loosely concocted flows, lyrically positioned around kush, jets and diamonds. On track two, “#CruiseLife,” he tackles Kanye’s “Drive Slow” instrumental, a beat that feels fated for Spitta, but turns out to be surprisingly uptempo compared to foggier selections. On the final track “Conference Call,” over a despondent guitar riff, Curren$y is joined by his Jets associates Trademark da Skydiver and Young Roddy, the latter of which might fool you for Big K.R.I.T. sound-a-like if you’re not paying close attention. Overall, Curren$y sticks to the script, but once again proves his idiosyncratic weed rap is surprisingly elastic. [Download Here here.]