How To Plan A Tour Catering To Music Thieves

[caption id="attachment_25586" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Image courtesy of Flickr, crsan -"][/caption]You've heard the old refrain time and time again: "Oh, sure, I steal music, but I go to tons of shows and buy shirts and stuff." Well, a new hack out of Midem's Music Hack Day takes those musical purloiners at their word, helping bands plan their tours based on where their music is pirated the most. Enter: Tourrent Plans.

Creator and MusicMetric employee Ben Fields tapped into his workplace's store of musician info to find out which artists are popular where according to illegal downloads, then used concert planning service Songkick's data to outline the perfect tour for an artist in a given city.

Since the hack was created over the course of a weekend, it's pretty barebones at the moment -- it only provides data for a handful of (super random) artists -- but the concept is certainly intriguing, especially in light of Pandora's new "Pandora Presents" project.

"Pandora Presents" is a new live concert series that uses Pandora listener data to book shows. That means the team looks at the number of "Likes" and user stations a band has in a certain city, and determines its popularity that way. Super fans are then invited to intimate shows, therefore ensuring a house packed with folks on the verge of happy hysteria.

Granted, Tourrent Plans caters to a much less honest crowd than Pandora, but the concept of bringing bands to cities in which there is a clear-cut demand seems to be on the rise. Especially since it's now easier than ever to track the listening habits of the average music lover.

Yeah, it's a bit creepy in a "Big Brother is watching" kind of way, but at least in this case that brother is the cool older sibling who takes you to shows.