Flatbush Zombies Want to Be Decapitated or Taxidermied

Photo: Ellington Hammond

“I can’t forget about Larry David!” The rapper Meechy Darko is ruing the fact that he forgot to name-check the Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm creator when asked to name his fantasy artistic parents. One-third of the upcoming rap trio Flatbush Zombies, he’s sprawled out on a mattress on the floor of the crew’s weed-scented Zombie Mansion tucked away in deepest Flatbush, Brooklyn. Along with be-bearded MC Juice and beat-maker Erick Arc Elliot, Darko has seen his profile bloom off the back of the YouTube-released video to the fantastically-titled song “Thug Waffle.” In that flick the group manages to channel a vibe somewhere between the updated NYC styles of A$AP Rocky and the gritty, early-’90s home-grown sound of borough ambassadors like the Boot Camp Clik. It’s a potent combination, and one that positions the Zombies at the forefront of the next wave of New York rap talent.

Along with the breakfast-and-weed-saturated flick to “Thug Waffle,” the group also received a boost when Internet phenom Lana Del Rey confessed to Hive that she was digging their sound. So ahead of the Zombies’ Irving Plaza show supporting A$AP Rocky tonight, Feb 1, Hive crashed at the Zombie Mansion and discovered the grisly details about how the group would celebrate their own funeral, their appreciation of Jesus-based Internet artwork, and discovered just how smitten they are with a certain Ms. Del Rey.

“It was the song ’Born To Die.’ I cried for the first time in three years when I heard that.”

First of all, can you introduce yourselves?

Meechy Darko: My name is Meechy Darko aka Meechy Soloman the Great aka Sugar Dick Daddy With The Candy Nuts aka I Love Lana Del Rey.

Juice: I’m Juice. I also love Lana Del Rey.

Erick Arc Elliot: I’m Erick, I produce.

How did the infatuation with Lana Del Rey start?

MD: It was the song “Born To Die.” I cried for the first time in three years when I heard that. I was in the living room in front of all my friends but I didn’t care. It’s a pretty good song. She’s fuckin’ amazing.

J: Actually, me and this guy Dash were also dancing to Childish Gambino in the living room this morning. We were checking it out for the first time. It was funny, it was cool.

How would a Flatbush Zombies and Childish Gambino collaboration sound like?

MD: Very energetic, animated as fuck.

J: You’ve got to see us perform… I’ve seen his video and he looks fuckin’ animated. I can tell we’d clash in a good way.

You’re performing with A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown tonight. What can people expect from a Flatbush Zombies live show?

MD: I mean it’s a lot of energy. We don’t wear costumes or anything — not yet at least — and there’s no zombies on stage or much in the way of smoke machines. Pure energy is all we’ve got at this point.

If budget wasn’t an issue, what would the ultimate Flatbush Zombies live show consist of?

MD: There would be zombies, demons, devils, angels — all that good shit.

J: Plus blood and guts.

MD: And cemetery scenes.

Photo: Ellington Hammond

In “Thug Waffle” you talk about getting your own coffin even though you’re not dead yet. How would you like your funeral to be?

MD: Honestly, I’m not with the mourning and the crying and the whole “Let’s cry over someone who’s gone to a better place” thing. You know that shit that they do to the animals after you hunt them? Taxidermy, I think it is? I want that, in the club, with me just standing there pointing with my arm out at the entrance; I’d be pointing at everyone coming in and there would be a sign behind me telling everyone to have fun — drunk, smoke, do what you want. I don’t care what they do with my body after that.

J: [While motioning to decapitate himself.] I actually want my head to get chopped off like the late, great Timothy Leary. And I would love them to play my favorite songs like Michael Jackson’s “We Are The World.” I really want there to be some motivational shit at my funeral, you know? People need to understand that when you die you’re crossing over into another realm and it’s not a bad thing.

MD: You don’t have to pay bills when you die. You don’t owe Uncle Sam shit. It’s a good life.

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