New iamamiwhoami Video Teases Happening on 6/11/12

[caption id="attachment_25376" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Image courtesy of Flickr, lasard"][/caption]After months of digital silence, mysterious YouTube-born performance artist iamamiwhoami is out with a brand new video Wednesday, titled "kin 20120611."

The video, which you can watch below, appears to feature a corkboard adorned with a single blank piece of paper, prompting YouTube commenters to wonder: "What will she write on that piece of parchment?"

iamamiwhoami first cropped up on the web in December of 2009, after strange, Julie Taymor-esque videos were sent to a series of bloggers, including writers over here at MTV.

Speculations started flying around immediately about the identity of the musician, with everyone from the Knife to Trent Reznor held up for review.

Finally, however, Swedish singer Jonna Lee came out as the voice and face of iamamiwhoami, and the act made its lavish debut at Sweden's Way Out West Festival last August (Brooklyn Vegan has some pretty good snaps of that).

Lee and Co. have been relatively quiet since July, when the music video "clump" was posted to iamamiwhoami's YouTube account. That video was a continuation of the vid for “;john,” which accompanied the announcement that Lee would play the Swedish fest.

We've reached out to the folks at Way Out West to see if they know what's up, but in the meantime, speculation in the YouTube comments is going wild. A good portion of the commenters think a baby is on the way, due to the word "kin." Perhaps those are storks reflected in the bulletin board's glass (and who shat all over it, too)?

Some opine that the date refers to an album, which is the more likely option considering that iamamiwhoami has a new single called "Sever" primed to drop on February 15 (listen here).