Facebook Timeline Covers From Jeffrey Lewis & The Static Jacks

[caption id="attachment_25162" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Image courtesy of Facebook"][/caption]Listen up, oh navel gazers: The way in which you mull over your wasted existence is about to change -- forever (or until the next time Mark Zuckerberg gets a new fancy idea). The new Facebook "Timeline" feature will be rolling out for everyone over the next few weeks, and in preparation, we've asked a bunch of bands to design specialized covers for your profile. Think of it as the Wite-Out-fashioned "Metallica" logo you used to scrawl all over your Trapper Keeper -- but for adults. First up, we have designs from Jeffrey Lewis and Henry Kaye of the Static Jacks.

For those of you who don't spend every waking minute documenting the ins and outs of "The Social Network," "Timeline" is a new profile format that Facebook introduced at the f8 conference back in September of last year. It functions as a kind of digital scrapbook: displaying your activity over the years in timeline form, as well as your usage of certain applications, music subscription services, news outlets, etc. Every user's profile features a large cover image at the top, which is meant to represent that person in some deep, meaningful way. Or, you know, just look cool.

As usual, a ton of people have raised hell at the prospect of change -- as they do every time Facebook, Twitter, or their daily routine gets an overhaul -- but those irked parties better get used to the new guard, because everyone will have the new Timeline profile mighty soon. You'll have 7 days to to preview the format before going live to the rest of the world, and then your soul will be laid bare to the judgment of the masses. (At least in your self-involved mind.)

Before slapping up a picture of a cat and pulling back the curtain on your many-storied life, we suggest considering one -- or both -- of the following Timeline cover options in lieu of the puss.

Note: Click on the image to access a larger size for easier downloading.

New York indie folk punk rock troubadour Jeffrey Lewis drew up this little logo for us, featuring his band, Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard. Lewis is a pretty talented comic book artist (check out his art hereabouts) and often illustrates his live shows with giant graphic novels, like "The Creeping Brain." His discography is equal parts raspy/morose, contemplative/wry, so if you can can get down with raps about "mosquito mass murderists," this logo (and his most recent disc, A Turn In The Dream Songs) is worth a download.

Henry Kaye from New Jersey garage pop band The Static Jacks created this lady-laden Timeline cover for us, reminiscent of the art on their new album, If You're Young. We're pretty sure it's not a requirement that you be young to upload the art to Facebook -- although some youth juice is probably advisable when moshing at one of their shows.