Hive Five: The Greatest Moments in Dubstep Appropriation (So Far)

[caption id="attachment_24778" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Dubstep Cat dropping it."]"Dubstep Cat"[/caption]

Yesterday, Jezebel declared the Internet -- nay, all human endeavor -- to have reached its potential with the advent of Dubstep Cat yesterday. We kinda agree, except that there have been other, similar moments that made us believe that the Internet’s true purpose had been achieved. And, strangely, they all involve dubstep. We’re going to insist that we all keep trying, because it’s possible that maybe someone will make a video of a bunch of puppies snuggling with a polar bear while said bear dances to Bassnectar or something. But in the meantime, here's the five of the greatest dubstep-related mashups/human achievements. And yes, Dubstep Cat trumps everything.

1. Dubstep Cat, a.k.a. Catsik

The Internet loves cats. It loves dubstep. And it loves mashups. That makes Dubstep Cat a bonafide sensation. The fact that the cat was somehow herded into scratching a record, wearing a baseball cap and a Tampa Bay Devil Rays jersey? That is magic. As of this writing, it has only 131,000 views on YouTube. Betting that number goes up tenfold by the weekend.

2. Hank Hill hates dubstep

If you’re over a certain age, listening to dubstep makes you feel kinda old. The unlikely avatar of the aging hipster who was grew up on cool music but is unable to process the blips and beeps of dubstep that the kids like so much? King Of The Hill’s Hank Hill, of course, who in this repurposed clip from the show’s pilot declares the genre to be “all toilet sounds.”

3. Dubstep Kramer

On the other hand, if you’re the sort of oldster who remembers Seinfeld really well and is also able to rock some Skrillex, this clip of Kramer having an epiphany when listening to “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” in the car is delightful!

4. Dubstep Grandma

This woman is 94 years old! She danced to Benny Goodman -- and here she is, on Christmas, shaking it to “The Underground” by Excision & Downlink. If that doesn’t make the dubstep-haters feel old and out of touch, then consider this: she celebrated by dancing when Hitler was defeated, and she’s open-minded enough to be into this now.

5. Dubstep Dog

While Dubstep Cat may be hogging the internet's attention now, lets not forget that animals bouncing to this genre has been going on since 2010. If this Dubstep dog can't get you inspired, then maybe its safe to stick with some classic coffee shop folk.