Musicplyr Makes The Mixtape Digital & Social

[caption id="attachment_24603" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Image courtesy of Flickr,"]musicplyr[/caption]We all have that one friend -- the one who we wish would just make us a mixtape every day for the rest of our lives. Super simple online app Musicplyr wants to be that friend -- and then some.

Musicplyr, according to Hypebot, is a contender in the upcoming Midemlab competition, and aims to make the process of sharing and discovering music with friends extremely fool-proof. Yes, you can easily see what your friends are listening to on Facebook thanks to the social network's deeper integration with subscription services like Spotify and Rdio, but a constant stream of their guilty pleasures and rare moments of inspired taste is far from a curated list. Musicplyr is, for all intents and purposes, just that.

Simply sign in using Facebook (the service is still in beta, so you have to request an invite -- or get one from a friend already using it) and the site will automatically generate a profile for you complete with photo. If you don't have Facebook (Luddite), you can also sign up the old-fashioned way.

Upon signup, surf on over to your profile and customize at will, and then start building your public playlist. You can create a few private playlists -- which isn't really the point of the service -- but you can only make one public list, so exercise your genius well. To build a list, just add links from services like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Soundcloud. Add some tags, "Indie," "Ambient," etc, and you're done. When your playlist is played, users can also watch any music videos you add, which is a cool plus.

After creating your playlist, you can find friends to follow via Facebook and Twitter and then navigate back to the homepage to start interacting with the rest of the community. There, you'll find your inbox (which will show songs recently added by your friends), your playlists, and playlists created by other users who might not already be your friends. You can follow those dudes as well.

While listening to your friends'/strangers' playlists, you can also "Like" and comment on songs that you're into, thereby giving them the positive affirmation that we all so crave as human beasts.

Yeah, there are no bells, no whistles, no battle-to-the-death gameplay. But, really, such "Hey, listen to this!" simplicity is rather refreshing in an already crowded scene of increasingly complicated music discovery apps.