Hive Five: Great Moments in Hockey Rap Crossovers

[caption id="attachment_24470" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Photo courstesy of Ghostface Myspace"]"Ghostface Killah Hockey Mask"[/caption]

Yesterday Billboard reported that that Young Money megastar Drake, the world's foremost rapping Canadian, will be performing at this Sunday's 2012 NHL All-Star Game. That appearance, which will go down during the second intermission of the night, marks a new high point in the relationship between the hip-hop and skating sports worlds. But Drake isn't alone in fusing the two scenes, as this run down of notable hip-hop hockey moments proves.

1. Rappers Heart Wayne Gretzky

When it comes to rappers invoking the names of sports stars in rhyme, Wayne "The Great One" Gretzky is almost up there with Mike Tyson. Most recently, preppy white rap chap Asher Roth dropped a rhyme over Weezy's "A Milli" that saw him anointing himself "rap's Wayne Gretzky," while on "Slickalicious" Fabolous bragged about how he "done slipped more shots in than Gretzky's stick," Cam'ron flaunted his wealth by promising to a girl that he'll "get you that shit that Gretzky skate on," and during a freestyle on Funkmaster Flex's The Mixtape Volume One, the lisp-afflicted Erick Sermon claimed that "My style starts more fights than hockey /I Wayne Gretzky, on any MC." [Listen here.]

2. The Rapping Russian

Washington may not be the home of hip-hop, but the Washington Capitals NHL team can claim ice hockey's leading rap reciting player in Alex Ovechkin. Back in January of this year, the free-scoring Ovechkin dropped a guest rhyme on Russian artist Sasha Belyi's "Champion" track. Popping up towards the end of the song, the NHL star declares that "In the all-star game all attention is on me.'' Ovechkin's rap chops might not be all that sophisticated, but D.C.-native Wale has publicly declared his admiration for the skater's on-rink skills. [Listen here.]

3. Rappers Love to Dress Up in Hockey Gear

Rappers might be fond of rocking throwback football jerseys in real life, but when it comes to fantasizing about playing dress-up in rhyme it's hockey gear that turns them on. The Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface (pictured above) has boasted about how his Tony Starks alias sports "the goalie mask," while Eminem's new protege Yelawolf attempted to seduce the woman of his dreams by promising to make love to her in a "a Jason mask," referencing the Friday the 13th villain's tick of wearing hockey face-gear. The most dedicated ice hockey outfitter though is Cam'ron, who on "Halftime Show" starts by claiming that he "don't play hockey" but then goes on to outline a personal fantasy that involves "your mommy goalie gear/ See the ice, grab the stick, hit the break pads/ Get a knee pads, penalty, face mask." Cold and kinky! [Listen here.]

4. Vancouver Canucks vs. The Beat

Written to celebrate the Vancouver Canuck's 2011 playoff ambitions, radio station The Beat 94.5's on-air host Kid Carson released this uptempo, excited tribute to the team. Over a beat that dabbles in dance music territory, he informs how "When they take it to the ice/ The crowd goes nuts." Then, naturally, comes the Lil Jon-esque hollered chorus: "Canucks-nucks-nucks-nucks-nucks!" [Listen here.]

5. The Far East Ice Movement

Poppy, electro-tinged L.A. crew the Far East Movement might not top most die-hard hip-hop junky's playlists, but the group's "Rockateer" track endeared itself to the suits up at NHL HQ as they used it to soundtrack TV spots promoting last year's conference finals. Spotlighting out the hockey angle, the Asian quartet steps out of their comfort zone and spit motivational slogans like "I hope this works out, cardio!" while at a push you could suggest the breezy production brings to mind slick skating moves on the ice. [Listen here.]