Chairlift Battle a Psycho Fan at Their Album Release Show

[caption id="attachment_24383" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Loren Wohl for MTV Hive"]Chairlift[/caption]

Brooklyn's Chairlift turned out a crisp, lively performance at New York City's Bowery Ballroom last night ahead of today's release of their sophomore effort Something. They began with their new album's first track "Sidewalk Safari," and skewed heavily toward the new material for the rest of their set. Along with the twinkly synths and finger-muted guitar arpeggios, they created a lush sound that found the band sounding both glossier and more compelling. Tellingly, they refrained from playing iPod commercial anthem "Bruises." The song already seemed out of place on their debut album, and at this point, it could've come from another band altogether. The show's encore closed out with "Amanaemonesia," but a couple songs earlier, something peculiar happened.

About a minute into the last song, a stocky blonde woman hopped on stage and started dancing awkwardly. It began as a fun, impromptu moment, but soon the mystery woman impeded the performance, bumping into Wimberly and dancing uncomfortably close to Polachek. At this point Polachek held the mic away from her face and kindly asked the woman if she could please go back down (or something like that according to my lip-reading). A guard calmly placed a hand on the dancing woman, who reacted by flailing and accidentally bopping Polachek in what appeared to be the neck or side of her face. Polachek darted to stage right, but kept singing, God bless her. A second female employee and a male employee appeared, and the three wrestled her offstage while the madwoman thrashed her arms and legs like a toddler going to time out. A big, probably-drunk toddler. As you can see from the last live shots in this gallery, captured by Hive photographer Loren Wohl, they ended up carrying the woman head-to-toe off stage as she struggled, and the crowd cheered.

After the song Wimberly said, "Thanks everyone, you all were great...except for that one lady." Before the first song of the encore, Polachek apologized for not being able to perform "I Belong" fully, because Chairlift were "too busy laughing"... so she took it all in stride.