The Static Jacks Narrate Their Instagram Tour Diary

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Slideshows of old -- most commonly busted out during health class and after family vacations -- were generally somnambulant affairs. Well, Soundcloud has gone ahead and dusted the sleep off of those relics with the creation of Storywheel, a mashup of Instagram and Soundcloud that could very well be an awesome storytelling tool for bands.

Storywheel was first conceptualized at Music Hack Day Boston back in November by Johannes Wagener and Katharina Birkenbach. The idea is pretty simple: Allow the app to access your Instagram account, choose the photos you'd like to include, and narrate your slideshow image by image using Soundcloud's "Record" button.

The resulting slideshows don't appear to be embeddable as of yet (which is kind of a big oversight), but we can definitely see bands using this tool to create some pretty cool tour diaries/music videos (ala A Place To Bury Strangers' "So Far Away" video).

In fact, New Jersey garage pop band The Static Jacks tested out the service today and created this slideshow for us replete with ruminations on the Olive Garden and all manner of hijinks.

Soundcloud announced Monday that it has hit 10 million registered users, and Instagram has 15 million accounts (a good chunk of which are manned by awesome musicians). Now that the two services are directly linked, we can only imagine what the sorts of crazy-ass slideshows bands will come out with. Here's looking at you, Kreayshawn.