Freddie Gibbs Joins Cults in New York

Last night at New York City’s Webster Hall, Freddie Gibbs joined sugar-pop group Cults to perform the remixed version of “Bad Things” they released this past November. As far as we can tell, the crossover indie-rock-rap project spearheaded by Cults is still a thing, though it seems enthusiasm has abated given the mum response from the audience, who might not have realized who Gibbs was, but reacted graciously to the go-to “fuck to the police” and “who loves weed” shoutouts. If Cults do end up releasing their promised hip-hop project, it begs the question as to whether their live shows will become a wheel house for underground rappers, and quite possibly could attract one of the more diverse audiences in recent music memory. And kudos to the man with the cam who set the internet ablaze with Cults affection once again. [Via Prefix]