Music's Best in Show at CES 2012

[caption id="attachment_23743" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Rohan Marley at CES, Las Vegas, Nev., January 2012. Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images."][/caption]

From January 10-13, technology companies gathered in Las Vegas for the International Consumer Electronics Show to show off their latest wares. Hive gathered the best in music-related products, people and moments.

Eco-friendly line of speakers are the latest product inspired by the late Bob Marley. [Tech2]

These super-elegant, wireless, touch-enabled headphones are at the top of our must-save-up-and-buy list. [MTV Geek]

Kelly Clarkson awkwardly banters onstage with Sony executive, semi-ironically performs “Mr. Know It All.”  [Gamespot]

Ion’s Appentice Guitar for iPad is the coolest way to learn an instrument since Guitar Hero tried. [Mashable]

LL Cool J pushes his virtual studio social network Boomdizzle (and hopefully seeks out some re-branding advice). [LA Times]

Justin Bieber gets paid big money to play with dancing Vietnamese robot toys. [MTV Geek]

The Biebs likely used the money mentioned above to pick up a pair of these $68,000 dollar wood-grain, diamond-studded speakers. [Scientific American]

iHome pink stereo boombox is the perfect gift your 12-year old sister, maybe your crazy aunt, but no one else. [CNET]

Tweet Choir interrupts Microsoft Keynote, soulfully re-purposes live tweets from viewers into gospel lyrics. [Business Insider]

Ludacris and Snooki gun for 50 Cent, launch their own brands of fashion-forward headphones. [MTV Geek]