New Spin Editor Spearheads Twitter-Based Album Reviews

[caption id="attachment_23606" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Christopher Weingarten photo by Nate "Igor" Smith for MTV Hive"]Christopher Weingarten[/caption]

Rock critic, puppy blogger, and previous Hive contributor Christopher Weingarten was recently anointed Senior Editor of Spin magazine, and he’s taking his original concept of reviewing albums within 140 characters with him. For those unfamiliar, between 2009 and mid-2011, Weingarten took to his Twitter account @1000TimesYes to produce more than 1,500 of the shortest, sweetest critiques of music you’ve ever read. “When I got the position I basically made it my obsession to figure out how best to bring the record review into 2012,” Weingarten explains to the OMA's. To do this Spin's staff, as well as a selected group of freelancers, are creating a line between long-form commentary of must-hear albums to be featured on paper and the website, and the dramatically shorter assessments they'll Tweet via @SPINReviews, effectively abandoning their paragraph-length reviews. For those who think Twitter-based reviews are an excuse for Spin writers to be lazy, Weingarten would respond, "[That's] utter horseshit.” He says that, “Each tweet goes through a surprisingly thorough round of editing before it makes it to the Internet … this is an enormous undertaking and has taken a lot of work and thinking and brain power every step of the way.” Splash that in your Haterade and drink it!

Read the entire interview with Weingarten at the O Music Awards website.

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