Sammy Bananas Rallies For Planet Earth

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Walk into any Admirals Club, and amidst the crowd of stuffy, tired business men will likely be a headphone clad jetisan bobbing his head beside a beer and a backpack. If not the offspring of one of the aforementioned professionals, you could probably bet good money he or she is a DJ hopping towns between gigs. Check out the insane tour schedule of someone like Diplo or Tiësto, and it’s difficult to imagine surviving the endless barrage of salted peanuts and blanket stealing strangers months on end. But they do, and some forward thinking DJ’s have realized that the incessant amount of traveling they undertake is having an unwelcome environmental impact. Enter Sammy Bananas, a DJ-producer signed to Fool’s Gold whose undertaking an effort to educate his colleagues, and indeed the rest of us, about how they can offset their carbon footprint through an organization called DJ’s Against Climate Change. Hive recently spoke with Sammy about DJACC, his eco-friendly moustache, and why he prefers the British version of Planet Earth.

Tell us about DJ’s for climate change and how it started.

This started about four years ago. I fly about 75,000 miles a year for DJ gigs, so I was basically trying to think about how I could address that part of my life, because I can’t really stop flying because it’s my job. And so, what I came across was the concept of carbon offsets, which are basically contributions to projects and different organization that work on removing or preventing carbon dioxide emissions. I was telling people about this and a lot of DJ colleagues were interested in it.

You have 17 DJ’s on board now, including A-Trak.

It’s amazing to have someone like A-Trak  on board with this ... but as long as someone feels like they’re flying enough that they feel responsible for their emission, that’s all it takes for me to want someone to be involved. The idea is to show how communities of people, any community of people, can kind of work together to address some sort of problem. It’s not really about the total amount of carbon that we are offsetting; it’s about taking responsibility for it. The more people that do that and realize that it’s their responsibly the more there is some sort of ground swell where larger change can happen. You can’t just wait around for bigger stuff to happen without individual taking responsibility for it.

Would you say that your mustache is eco-friendly?

I think its eco-friendly because, you know, it’s natural, right? I’m not shaving it, it just is, man - it’s just growing.

So no pesticides or anything?

No pesticides in the mustache.

Have you ever watched Planet Earth?

I have watched Planet Earth, it’s amazing. I’m a huge fan. I actually prefer, no diss to Sigourney Weaver, but I prefer the David Attenborough BBC version as opposed to the one that was released in America. I’m not trying to start anything with that. When I watch nature documentaries I like to hear somebody in a British accent tell me about nature.

Do you watch Planet Earth with other DJ’s?

Actually, next year there needs to be like, a DJ’s Against Climate Change kickoff party where we all project Planet Earth from those nice HD projectors onto a blank wall in the Fool’s Gold office.

That would be awesome.

It’s a good idea! I have a feeling there is going to be some sort of kickoff party next year. That’s one way that been absent from the kind of promotion of the project, actually throwing an event with DJ’s who are participating.

Last question: if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there, does someone hear it?

[Laughs.] I think the question is “if a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound?”

Oops. You're right.

[Laughs.] Yeah, it makes a sound. It definitely makes a sound.

For more info visit the official blog of DJACC and Sammy Banana's homepage.