Potential Album Art for McCartney's 'Kisses on the Bottom'

Earlier this week, Sir Paul McCartney confirmed that Kisses on the Bottom would be the title of his fifteenth solo album. This new collection of tunes boasts a handful of guests like lite-jazz favorite Diana Krall, blues guy Eric Clapton and funk/soul legend Stevie Wonder. Early reports and track listings suggest that this album is a mellow jazzy affair, made for snuggle sessions on the couch while listening to Macca sing old jazz covers as well as two new numbers, "My Valentine" and "Only Our Hearts." Still, the most curious aspect of this new record is the title, which happens to be a line from the album's opening number, the 1935 classic "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter." That song's been covered many times over the years by greats like Fats Waller, Willie Nelson and Dean Martin, but why did McCartney choose those words to grace the cover? Is he sending someone a polite message? Or is it a sexy coded sentiment for his third wife? Maybe Sir Paul is going gangster in his old, British age. Here are some potential album covers from illustrator Dustin Glick that drive these points home. By the way, Hersey Kisses: not vegan. Keep that in mind, Macca.

 The Billion Bottom

The Yoko Bottom

The Heather Bottom

The Polite Queen Bottom

The "Cheeky" Bottom

Dustin Glick is a writer, cartoonist and music nerd whose comics can be found at Dustinland.com and in MAD Magazine.



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