Hive's Last Minute Digital Gift Guide

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Uh oh. You just found out your sister’s boyfriend is crashing at your house for Christmas  and she just excitedly revealed that he bought you a "totally awesome present." Safe to say you haven’t even considered getting him a damn thing. Thank all that is good this time of year for MTV Hive, because we've gone through the painstaking research and cost-benefit analysis to put together a list of last minute gift ideas for the music fan in your life (and really, who isn't one?). All of these gifts can be bought, delivered and consumed digitally, so if you decide (or are coerced) to add someone to your gift list at the 11th hour, you’re still in the clear.

For the Streamer: Rdio Subscription

We know, Spotify is the hottest music service to ever exist since man created internet, but unfortunately the tech-savvy Swedes haven’t enabled e-gifting in the US yet. But Rdio, and uncannily similar and complete service, has. You can gift however much you see fit; just keep in mind an unlimited web subscription costs $4.99 and unlimited mobile is $9.99 per month. [Rdio gifts]

For the Archivist: Handpicked iTunes MP3’s

We know, the iTunes gift card at the checkout counter of your local grocery store is an extremely tempting last minute gift for your musically minded acquaintance. Just don’t do it. We urge you, instead, to set aside a few minutes to hand pick a selection of songs. iTunes provides the option to gift playlists of MP3’s, a much more thoughtful option that lame gift card. [iTunes Gifts]

For the Reader: eBooks

Sure, a real book might seems more “homey” and personal, but you’re running out of time, the Barnes and Noble down the street went out of business, and you would be too lazy to get up and go anyway. Amazon exists for a reason, right? The online mega-retailer makes is super easy to gift eBooks to friends, for them to enjoy digitally whether they have a kindle or not. [Give Kindle Books]

We suggest:

Everybody Loves Our Town: An Oral History of Grunge by Mark Yam

Root for the Villian: Rap, Bull$hit, and a Celebration of Failure by J-Zone

I Want My MTV: An Uncensored Story of the Music Video Revolution by Craig Marks & Rob Tannenbaum

For the Budding Musician: iPad Apps

Yes, most apps are free or only cost a dollar or two, but some pack enough quality (with a price tag to match) that they definitely make the cut for "appropriate gifts." Music production software that was once reserved for the studio use is gradually being ported to the iPad, creating a great way for a beginner to begin dabbling in the fine art of music production.

We suggest:

Korg iMS-20

Fruity Loops Mobile Studio HD