Freddie Gibbs Has Fly Weed

Late last week, God smiled down on Freddie "Gangsta" Gibbs when he was going through a routine luggage screening and a big 'ol bag of weed was found. As he Tweeted, a simple note that said "C'Mon Son," was left for him, which sparked a bit of Internet outrage over the weekend. But maybe it wasn't a favor from God after all. 2011's been quite a good year for Gibbs, who released his acclaimed Cold Day in Hell mixtape, showed up as a featured guest on a host of other rapper's tunes and even found time to record a First Take session for Hive. So it's quite possible that he got off for reasons different all together. See below:

Freddie Gibbs Tweet IllustrationDustin Glick is a writer, cartoonist and music nerd whose comics can be found at and in MAD Magazine.