Holiday Albums We Wish Existed

Sure there are plenty of holiday albums on the iTunes shelves this year, ranging from the predictable (Justin Beiber's Under the Mistletoe), to the unprecedented (Scott Weiland's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year -- check out his Lynch-meets-Mad-Men video for "Winter Wonderland"). But these albums lack a certain ... something. Maybe it's their blandness, or that it's the same ol' covers we hear every holiday season. So we at Hive came up with some ideas for (new) classic Christmas albums, from the kinds of bands that would cut through the cold malaise of winter (and soundtrack family and friends'copious drinking). So, until Dipset releases their next Christmas album, here are some holiday albums that we'd love to spin this season, courtesy of Old Red Jalopy.

Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Dreidel

Led Zeppelin: Houses of the Holly

Nirvana - Noëlmind

Slayer - Reindeer in Blood

Pavement - Santa'd and Enchanted

Santogold - Santagold

The Rolling Stones - St. Nicky's Fingers