Behind the Scenes at the Gucci Mane/V-Nasty Video Shoot

After midnight, and inside a nearly empty Atlanta nightclub, a pair of 20-somethings sat side-by-side on a red loveseat – VIP seating on most nights. With dry paintbrushes on hand, they shot smoldering looks straight ahead as they “touched up” eachother's outfits –- liquid latex leotards bearing the names behind BAYTL on their stomachs.

Liquid latex touch-ups would prove to be a critical part of last night's music video shoot for “Let's Get Faded,” the first single featuring east Oakland, White Mob Crew member V-Nasty alongside her favorite rapper, East Atlanta, 1017 Brick Squad founder Gucci Mane. It was a back-to-basics evening, at least in commercial hip hop terms. Lasting from 4 p.m. to 1:30 a.m., it was fueled by Grey Goose drinks, cheese pizza and a few dozen young, aspiring video vixens. (One, painted from neck to ankle in black latex paint, drove away in a car bearing an Alpha Delta Pi sticker on its back window.)

Weeks ago, hip hop blogs cried foul once they laid eyes on the white, female, fake-spectacled emcee pictured on the mixtape cover and remembered all the times she's dropped the n-word on tape and YouTube. (Her squeaky response on BAYTL: “High now, flying in the spaceships / Y'all know damn well V-Nasty ain't racist.” Fine!) V-Nasty then publicly vowed never to drop the n-word again, just weeks before Gucci Mane was released from Fulton County Jail on Sunday. He vowed that his most recent sentence -- for counts of battery, reckless conduct and disorderly conduct -- would be his last.

The goal of the Benny Boom-directed shoot, in sum: Promote their fun-fueled collaboration in a way that allows the BAYTL duo to act as tame as possible. Probably a wise move: We need to know these are fun loving, liquid-latex-loving rappers, after all. They nodded and lip-synced in front of the club's double doors and on the downstairs dance floor. Inside an emergency exit hallway around 10 p.m., V-Nasty sauntered down the stairs, shook hands with one dancer and then rubbed the ass of another vigorously, as if hoping a genie would come out. (A female onlooker: “Aw, she looks good!”) Several hours later though, Boom had to demonstrate how she should move around, swaying as if he was cross-dribbling down the court. Lesson learned: Pace yourself. Or, be more like Gucci, who's more than a head taller. As the dance floor scene unfolded, he raised his barely-fisted hands and sleepily swiped at the camera. It all looked pathetic when stared at straight on --  but on camera, in front of flashing green lights, these lazy flourishes had suddenly morphed into enviable swagger, effortlessness.

After a few slices of pizza, Gucci Mane disappeared between takes. V-Nasty retreated to sofas at a back corner of the club, though before the last takes outside, she posed with some of the dancers for pictures and raised her eyebrows confusedly in each shot. They sat back as a crew member touched up the body paint jobs on a few ass cracks, as dancers took turns posing on the Big Dog street-style motorcycle inside. Toward the end of the shoot, as men peered at the young pair of painted girls, one reached in front of herself and grabbed the other's ass, popping it up as if she was opening the hood of her car.

“Whoooooooooooo, aw man!” the camera crew yelled. Gucci and Nasty aside, liquid latex clearly stole the show.

Gucci Mane & V-Nasty - BAYTL Listening Party by GucciMane