Major Lazer Dance With Great Weaponry

Major Lazer have released some charmingly dangerous visuals for “Original Don,” the first single off their still-unnamed sophomore album. Always a step ahead on the cool curve, the video is directly inspired by a pair of incredibly quirky and meme-worthy clips of two suburban kids flashing some Jian Sword and Balisong dancing skills in true Napoleon Dynamite fashion. The entire video is bathed in '80s awkwardness, from the tucked in pastel t-shirts to the clutter of appliances and retro furniture scattered around the house. The grandmother observes the talented youngsters through a serious pair of shades, and graciously walks by a Diplo reading something (The Art of War?) to grab another insane-looking weapon for her granddaughter. All in all it’s a routine afternoon: drinking beer, dancing with swords and eating triangle sandwiches made by a world famous DJ.

But there's more! On the Temperature3 YouTube channel, here's an outtake of Diplo getting a trinket tour from Grandma.