The Black Keys Perform 'Live in NYC' -- Photos

[caption id="attachment_36891" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Photo: Brendan Tobin for MTV Hive"]The Black Keys Perform Live in NYC[/caption]

Record release shows are a celebration of an artist's new record, which usually means they stick to stuff from their latest release. For the Black Keys El Camino release party/Live in NYC concert, the band rocked new songs destined to be Keys classics, like "Lonely Boy," "Gold on the Ceiling" and "Sister." But the concert also felt like a celebration of the band's recent rise to rock stardom, where they showcased a "best of" set from their decade-long career.

The crowd -- made up of 1400 Black Keys fan club members and lucky ticket winners, went crazy for songs from their 2010 breakout record Brothers. The sped up versions of classic-rock odes "10 Cent Pistol," "Everlasting Light" and "Howlin' For You" reminded us that the band loves to play with tempos and twist the studio versions into energetic bursts. Songs like "Chop and Change," "Thickfreakness" and "I Got Mine" also harnessed the raw, blues-based emotion that painted their first few releases.

For more of the Black Keys' Live in NYC performance, look out for on-demand performance clips here, starting Wednesday December 7. In the meantime, check out the setlist and photos from the concert, below:

Howlin' For You/Chop and Change/Sister/Dead and Gone/Everlasting Light/Gold on the Ceiling/Thickfreakness/Girl is on My Mind/I'll Be Your Man/Your Touch/Next Girl/Run Right Back/Money Maker/10 Cent Pistol/Long Gone/Lonely Boy/Tighten' Up/I Got Mine